Google 在 Chrome 中隐藏 www 和 https://

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升级到 Chrome 80 后发现地址栏不显示 www 了,找到一个参考资料:



Google has decided to hide the “www” trivial subdomain, “http” and “https://” in the address bar when visiting a website. This new feature has come up with the release of Google Chrome 79, so if you feel like something is missing from the address bar you would be correct. For example, when a user visited, the www would be stripped and displayed as instead.

Google Engineers classified “www” as a trivial subdomain and stated that

“this isn’t information that most users need to concern themselves with in most cases.”

Users are not happy with this change

Many users responded unhappy to this new change in the address bar, they felt that it was a security issue and not technically correct as “” is not always the same as the host “”.

Below comments from few users:

“It is painful to click twice on the url in order to see the full url of the websile.”

“The proposed change does not make things simpler, it makes things more complex:suddenly what you see is not what you get”

“The new change of hiding “www” is not having any spec that guarantees those do map to the root domain is beyond unacceptable.”

How to show www and https in Chrome

When Google released Chrome 76, they decided to hide the WWW “trivial subdomain” and the http and https indicators in the address bar. When this happened, users were upset and shown disagreement with this step. So in order to enable the trivial subdomain in the address bar, users need to enable a flag “#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state.

But with the release of Chrome 79, they decided to erase the “www” trivial subdomain, “http” and “https://” and also removed the flag so that the users are not able to revert the changes.

The users who wished to see the www subdomain in the address bar, they can perform either of the following two methods:

  1. With the release of Chrome 79, the #omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state flags have been completely removed from the browser and the only way to show www in the address bar is to click twice in the address bar to edit the URL.
  2. Install Google’s Suspicious Site Reporter Chrome extension.


Chrome 发布 76 版本时,Google 决定隐藏 www 这个不重要的子域和 http 以及 https,但是可以在 chrome://flags 中设置 omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state 这一项显示出来。

随着 Chrome 79 的发布,谷歌决定删除 www http httpschrome://flags 中的 omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state 也被移除,想要在地址栏显示全部 URL 只有 以下两种办法:

  1. 在地址栏中双击鼠标
  2. 安装 Google 的 Suspicious Site Reporter 拓展程序
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